Interact On Forum

Each Challenge has a dedicated forum that functions as a public space to encourage interactivity. Challenge owners, evaluators and participants can freely interact in this space, post important announcements and clarify on challenge requirements. Simply click Post, type in some content, @mention someone if needed and select a channel.

Thinkspace Channels

On the forum, interaction can take place in various channels. When you see a lot of posts, sometimes it takes more time to filter and organize the right information. To save time, Thinkspace provides you with channel organization. A channel is a single place for users create posts centering on a common topic, and it will be visible to everyone upon posting. Read on to learn all about how to organize posts into these 3 channels:

  • Announcements: posts related to challenge requirements or important updates
  • General: posts related to submission queries, clarifications or others
  • Team Formation: posts related to searching for team members or teaming up

Comment On Ideas

The intuitive commenting system enables users to provide real-time, constructive suggestion to improve on the quality of ideas as well as to share latest updates within the community. Users will also be able to tag other users using @mention, reply and upvote comments.

Rate Ideas

Users can rate ideas anytime during the challenge using a 1 to 5 scale rating scale. After rating, users can re-rate the idea again, and only the latest rating will be taken into account.