Edit Profile

Users can edit their personal profile by clicking on the Edit Profile from the Settings sidebar on the left.

Notification Settings

Users can change their notification settings by clicking on Notifications in the Settings sidebar. Simply toogle on or off the notification preferences for activities related to comments, tags, challenges, ideas, teams and surveys.


Thinkspace may still send you important notifications about your account and content outside of your preferred notification settings via email and/or the Thinkspace platform.

Privacy Controls

Admins can change the privacy control of the Thinkspace platform:

  • Open Innovation: The platform allows the public to register an account.
  • Public Access: The platform will be accessible to all, including the public to view open challenges without logging in. Users will need to login to their account to participate in open innovation challenges.

Once the following options are toggled on or off, the new changes will immediately be applied.

SAML Single Sign On

Thinkspace integrates with SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) to grant user access through an Identity Provider (IDP) of your choice. You can access the full guide below:

Integrating Thinkspace with AWS SSO
Integrating Thinkspace with Azure SSO

To configure SSO for your organization, you are required to login with an Admin account. Navigate to Settings > Authentication Settings to enable Single Sign On for your organization.

Follow the step-by-step guide above to configure your Identity Provider with Thinkspace's SP Entity ID and SSL Login URL. Once you have completed the configuration with your Identity Provider, extract these 3 values IDP Entity ID, Login URL and IDP Public Certificate and key them into Thinkspace's configuration. Save changes to finish setting up your SSO.

Challenge Management

On Thinkspace, only the Admins can access the Challenge Management to manage, edit and delete challenges.

Team Organization

Teams organization helps to control the visibility of innovation challenges. On Thinkspace, only the Admins can access the User Management tab and manage teams. There are 2 default teams: Thinkspace (private team for employees) and Open Challenge (public team for employees and non-employees).


Admins can manage existing users, grant Admin rights to a user, edit or delete user and resend invitation.


Manage Teams

Click on Create Team to create a new Team and organize people based on departments, dedicated projects or common interests. Come up with a meaningful team name and attach an optional team image.

Add People To Team

There are two ways to add people to teams. Admins can invite multiple people via emails or import an excel file for inviting people in bulk.

When uploading from an Excel file, make sure that two mandatory columns headings for email and role (admin or normal user) are filled up. Emails that are invalid or are already invited to the Team will automatically be skipped. Once all users have been successfully invited, there will be a confirmation message at the pop up on the right. When new invited users successfully login to Thinkspace, there is a change in user status from Pending to the last login date.

Change Email

User can change his/her personal email associated with his/her Thinkspace account any time for security reasons. After changing, email notifications will be sent to both old and new emails.


Change Password

It is recommended to use a strong password that is not used elsewhere. User must provide the current password and a new password consisting of 8 to 32 characters, with at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 digit, 1 special character (.+*?^$()[]{}|\) without any space. Note that the current password cannot be reused as the new password.