Create Idea

Click on Create Idea card or wording on the main challenge page to create an idea. Users will be guided through a 4-step video walkthrough.

Invite Team Members

There are two ways to invite people to work on an idea together. Users can do so by clicking on the Sharing Settings icon at the top right and adding the email addresses of the team members. The people invited will be Members and will have editing rights upon accepting the invitation.

Second way is to share a magic link at the bottom of the Sharing Settings with the people whom you want to invite. Users accessing this link will automatically become Members and have editing rights.

Add Canvases

Apply a human-centered approach towards problem solving using Design Thinking methodologies and the following canvases.

  • The Free Form Canvas empowers your team with greater flexibility and control to outline their ideas. A great starting canvas with no constraints, let your creativity run free.

  • The Empathy Map empowers you to create a shared understanding of specific types of users. It helps you understand the users, their desires, needs and pain points.

  • The User Journey Map helps you understand and illustrate the steps that customers go through when engaging with a product, service, or any combination in between.

  • The Ideation Canvas unleashes your creative ideas by fleshing out the details under the viability, desirability and feasibility section to capture the innovation sweet spot.

Tag Keywords

Keywords are written with a "#" symbol to index certain topics across ideas. This helps to categorise ideas according to various topics for the management to visualise. Simply include "#" to the beginning of a word or phrase to tag a keyword or multiple keywords to your idea.

Attach Files

Users attach multi-media including image picture, video, presentation slides, urls and set the visibility settings. Idea image and video will be visible to everyone; additional attachments can be set for public viewing or team viewing.

Estimate Impacts

Users can estimate their idea impact (financial benefit, cost and time of implementation) to help decision makers make better decision.

Join Team

To collaborate and work on the same idea, users can click on Join Team on the idea page and add a personalized message. Once submitted, the join request will be sent to the team.

Team members will be able to see all join requests, view user profiles and messages. Once the join request has been accepted, the user will immediately be added to the team as a Member and have editing rights to the idea.

Submit Idea

Users can click on the Post button to submit an idea. Post submission editing is allowed, users can continue to edit their ideas before the final submission deadline. When the deadline closes, all ideas including drafts will automatically be submitted and cannot be edited.


Idea Posted On Challenge Page

After posting, the idea will be publicly displayed on the challenge page.