Crowd Voting

Users can rate ideas anytime during the challenge using a 1 to 5 scale rating scale. After rating, users can re-rate the idea again, and only the latest rating will be taken into account.

Expert Evaluation

Evaluators will receive an email with a link to evaluate the challenge within the evaluation timeframe. Alternatively, evaluators can click on the Tasks in the Notifications tab to see the list of challenges to evaluate.


Evaluators can see all the submissions for that specific challenge. When the submission hasn’t been evaluated, it will have a Pending status. Once it has been evaluated, the status will change to Evaluated.

Evaluators can vet through all the idea information, attachments, (optional) idea impact, and finally give a score for each judging criteria and an optional remark. Once the scoring has been submitted, post editing is allowed. Evaluators can continue to evaluate other submissions by clicking on other cards with a Pending status.

Select Winning Ideas

Admins / Evaluators will be able to select the winning ideas for the challenge. The winning ideas are tied to Challenge Awards set forth in the challenge.

Export Idea

Admins can export idea individually or multiple ideas into an Excel or Zip file.