Create Innovation Challenge

Frame your business goals into engaging innovation challenges to be effectively addressed by your teams. This article covers how the Admin can create a challenge from the home page. The challenge creation feature is only available to the Admin.

Challenge Basic

Admins can create and customise the innovation challenge by first, filling up basic information about the challenge, adding rewards, planning timeline, setting evaluation criteria and inviting subject matter experts to be on the evaluation panel.

The challenge basic page includes:

  1. Title
  2. Category
  3. Context (Optional)
  4. Resources (Optional)

Only, the title and category are required to be filled up. Resources are files that Admins can upload to share more information on the challenge.

Once the Admin has finalized the challenge basic information, click on Save & Continue button.

Challenge Settings

On the challenge settings page, Admins can customize the visibility of the challenge to specific teams in the enterprise or launch it as an open challenge to all employees & the non-employees invited on the platform.

There are 3 types of challenges:

  1. Organization wide challenge – Every user account tagged as an employee within the organisation can participate in the challenge.
  2. Team specific challenge – Every user account within the specific teams chosen can participate in the challenge.
  3. Open challenge – Every user account on the platform can participate in the challenge. (employee + non-employee)

For open challenges, Thinkspace has a set of challenge rule templates that the Admin can use to govern the management of the intellectual property of solutions generated from the challenge. Alternatively, the Admin can customize specific set of rules.

Once all the challenge setting information has been finalized, click on the Save & Continue button to move on to customizing the challenge timeline.

Challenge Timeline

On the challenge timeline page, Admin can customize the timeline of the innovation challenge using stages. The pre-set timeline for each challenge is set to 3 weeks, for optimally participation – engaging the relevant stakeholders with enough urgency to fast-track ideas to implementation.


There are 4 stages in the challenge timeline.

Stage Description
Design Thinking Users can form teams, create, edit and submit ideas.
Crowd Voting (Optional) Admin can identify the best ideas by encouraging users to vote and gather their sentiments.
Evaluation This stage is set for internal evaluation to leverage on subject matter experts to score ideas and provide feedback.
Winners Selection It is recommended to set aside sufficient time between the end of evaluation and the release of results for Admin/ Evaluators to decide the winners of the challenge.

Once all the information have finalized, click on Save & Continue button.

Challenge Evaluation

There are 3 pre-set judging criterias (Desirability, Feasibility and Viability) for the evaluation stage. A judging criteria consists of a description and a weightage which can be added via the Add Criteria button. The weightage of all criteria should sum up to 100%. During evaluation, the evaluation panel will score submissions based on the judging rubrics specified.

Admin can invite evaluators (e.g. domain experts or management) by typing in the names reflected on their user accounts. Following, email notification will be sent to the invited evaluators for them to accept or decline the invitation to evaluate the challenge.

To remove an evaluator, simply click the Remove User option from this challenge.

Once evaluation criteria and evaluator invitation has been finalized, click on Save & Continue button to proceed to challenge awards.

Challenge Awards

Admin can add awards (monetary and non-monetary rewards) for the winners of the challenge by clicking on the Add Reward button. The number of awards added will be the number of winners for the challenge.


To remove an award, click on X at the top right corner of the added award.


Once all the information have finalized, click on the Save & Continue button.

Preview & Post
Preview button to preview the challenge, or the Edit button to change any information. Finally, the Admin can click on the "Post" button to post the challenge on the home page.

Post challenge editing is allowed and invited evaluators can still accept invitation after the challenge has been posted.